Simple Secrets to Success 


The Foundation of all Success is Health. 

I'd like to start by suggesting you are probably more successful than you may realize. At the heart of this article is the idea that success is not accurately measured by what we can afford, how others perceive us, or what we have accomplished. Instead, let's consider how success is inextricably linked to our awareness, gratitude and contentedness. 

What are the best and simplest ways to enhance our current situation? 

Our mindset is a great place to start. How do we measure success? What are our core values? How do we relate to ourselves (and ultimately the world at large)?

I’m a big believer in stress management and reduction. It’s easy to get caught up in the fast paced world we live in. It’s easy to feel like you are not getting enough done. Be kind to yourself. We are always doing our best. No one is at 100% all the time. And that’s ok! In the long run - if we can learn to manage our stress - we’ll perform better, be happier, and make more money to boot. 

The Origin of Health is Interior.

Healthy thoughts become habits and patterns. Today, we will take a look at some of the ways we can manage, reduce or recognize stress as a catalyst for positive change.

There is a tendency in the modern world to obsess over the idea of being successful - living in a capitalist, materialist society means that the typical picture of success involves making, having and spending lots of money. Frankly, that is a flawed view. First, we must be happy, healthy and self-loving. To be truly happy, healthy and in love with who you are is a level of success many people may never reach. Another Mercedes in the garage, another house, another diamond bracelet - none of the material things this world has to offer can heal us when we are sick, make us happy when we are truly sad, or teach us how to love who we are at our core. 

Let's agree with the old adage - Health is wealth! Without our health, we can not properly enjoy our success. So here's to both your health and success! 

The Importance of a Morning Routine.

Make your bed! Trust me.

I also believe everyone should start their day with a shower. Not only will it leave you feeling alert, refreshed and relaxed, it will send a signal to the world that you respect yourself and anyone who may grace you with their presence as well.

Scent can have a powerful effect - treat yourself to some great smelling soaps and shampoos. Le Labo makes my favorite shower gel, shampoo and conditioner. Also, buy some new, fluffy towels, a plush robe and some slippers. While we are at it, cologne and perfume can be great mood stimulators. Try Christian Dior Sport or Tom Ford’s unisex Tobacco Vanille Eau de Parfum. We’re cultivating a mindset here. Every detail counts.

 Do One Thing at a Time.

The human mind can only hold one thought or accomplish one task at a time. All too often, our culture has us running sideways trying to do 19 things at once. This is typically the product of over-extending oneself and believing you are a superhero. But no one is superhuman. We all have our limits, and it’s ok to embrace them, or even exploit them for maximum gain. Work smarter, not harder.

Part of working smart is brilliantly captured in the ever-powerful words of Eckhart Tolle: “you are not your mind”. Rather, a much deeper self exists - your universal self. The you that is connected with all things, one with an abundant universe that is a mirror for you as much as you are for it. With awareness, we are able to decide when to listen to our mind - such as when it is providing useful, intelligible insights - and we are able to turn it off when it is simply static or useless chatter.  

Take a walk.

In the periods of my life where the stress of the world seems to be too much to bear, I simply turn my mind off and go for a walk (I walk everyday regardless). Rather than try to accomplish everything at once, I choose to do nothing. I return refreshed and able to properly prioritize the tasks at hand.

Full disclosure - as a Realtor, I work for myself. And I believe that everybody should. Now, maybe not everyone is meant to be self-employed. But in reality, the best way to get ahead is to bet on yourself. The freedom that being a Realtor affords me is incredible. I am wherever I want to be, whenever I want to be there.  

I find that there is great wisdom in taking the simplest approach. Tim Ferris’ 4 Hour Work Week, Gary Keller’s The One Thing  - these books are famous for cutting through the noise and static surrounding American corporate culture. It’s easy to get wrapped up in people’s expectations of ourselves, whether they are realistic or not. Too often deadlines are due, bosses are demanding and our co workers are seeking to out compete us. The stress of it all kills people.

Instead, focus on accomplishing one major thing per day. Sure, you will probably need to make 20 phone calls, send 15 emails, have a number of in person conversations and so on. But what is your main goal for the day? What one thing will ensure your success now and for the future? Write it and any other important tasks in their order of importance on a piece of notebook paper or in your iPhone notes (they have a great check-box feature). Checking off each task you as you complete them will imbue your day with a great sense of purpose.

Eat Three Meals a Day.

 Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You can now hookup your coffee maker to your Alexa so that you can set an alarm and your pot of coffee will be ready after your shower. Oatmeal, sliced and frozen bagels toasted with cream cheese, a bowl of multigrain cereal with a banana sliced on top - anything is better than nothing. Keep fruit in a funky bowl on your kitchen table or island - not only is it beautiful, a piece of fruit makes a perfect mid morning snack to power you through until lunch.

It’s easy to do the fast food thing, but everything they sell has sugar in it and sugar is literally toxic so try to avoid it like the plague. You may not live in a culinary capital such as New Orleans like me. But try to support a local deli or mom and pop luncheonette. The food will probably taste better, you’ll feel better and you will help your local economy. And ask for a side salad instead of fries. Your waistline will thank you.

For dinner, try to eat lean meat like fish, chicken and pork, some rice and salad. An optimally healthy diet should be light on animal products and heavy on fruits and veggies

Maybe Most Importantly, Drink Lots of Water.

There’s a definite image of Realtors, lawyers, bankers, even doctors being heavy drinkers. While it may help in the short term to have that 3rd, 4th or 5th drink, it isn’t good for you. The more regularly you overdo it, the easier it is to develop unhealthy habits that can significantly impact the quality and/or length of your life. I’m not suggesting you be a teetotaler - my own grandmother is almost 94 and has at least a glass of wine everyday. If anything, it seems like minor alcohol intake might actually add longevity. We have all read the headlines by now: “110 year old man swears secret to long life is daily whiskey on porch”. 

Of course, hydration is key - an adult should drink 8 8 oz. glasses of water per day. It will help with appetite, fatigue, your skin, your smell, your breath etc. Often a headache, a growling tummy or feeling exhausted can be cured instantly by downing a tall glass of water (or two, if you're particularly parched).


Moderation is key. And 1 or 2 drinks every night will put that Patek Phillippe Nautilus you’ve been dreaming about for years on your wrist faster than spending extra money on that 3rd or 4th drink you don’t need and will regret.

In the end, mindset is everything - if we prioritize relaxation and enjoyment and treat ourselves well, we will have a better, longer life, more success and greater levels of happiness. And who doesn’t want that?